Kratz Farms Variety KF 15241
Pro Seed Genetics Variety Pro 200
Pro Seed Genetics Variety Pro 240
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Kratz Farms Variety KF 15241
Kratz Farms Variety KF 15241
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Do you get 'Progressive Dairyman'? If not, we can keep you up to date on the August 2014 edition with an article featuring Kratz Farms and their Green Mix. Green Mix is a mix of Forage Plus Oats and Arvica Peas and is a great cover crop. See all the details on our Green Mix page.

Please check out the article here and contact us with any questions or orders. We hope to hear from you soon.
Pro Seed Genetics
See your local Pro Seed Genetics member for
purchase of any Pro Seed Genetics varieties including
Pro 200, Pro 240, and Pro 320 A wheat varieties as well as Green Mix and Forage Plus Oats. Pro Seed Genetics members are licensed by the Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association. Kratz Farms is the only Pro Seed Genetics dealer in Washington County.

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Looking to bring new varieties of seed to the market faster based on the ever changing needs of production agriculture, we adventured out and partnered with a plant breeder to bring new varieties to the market. Take a look at the new, available varieties here.

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