Kratz Farms
Pro Seed Genetics Green Mix
Green Mix
Forage Plus Oats
Arvica Peas
A Forage Plus oat and Arvica pea mix, which is ideal for heifer and dry cow feed.
A high-yielding forage oat that has very high dry matter yield, acceptable forage quality, and relatively low crude protein percentage.
A fairly new North Dakota pea variety which is proprietary and is going to set a new standard in forage peas.
Grows slow to allow the alfalfa to get a good start before the Green Mix starts competing with the alfalfa.
This variety has excellent crown rust resistance.
A late-maturing, high yielding pea variety; a perfect match for Forage Plus oats.
Late-maturing oat & pea mix, reaching forage cutting stage 5 - 7 days later than typical oat & pea mixes.
Cutting can be done up to a week prior to heading with a reduced, but still competitive dry matter yield.
Yields 1600 lbs more to the acre than Trapper Peas.