Kratz Farms
Grain Oats
An early season oat developed at the University of Wisconsin. Badger hsa had consistaently high grain yields and excellent test weight.
Badger has good Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus tolerance and very good Crown Rust resistance.
Betagene has high beta-glucan levels make this oat variety ideal for both human and animal consumption. It also has cholesterol lowering potential due to high soluble fiber content.
A mid-season oat with consistantly high grain yields.
This variety has a very good crown rust resistance.
A white-hulled, spring oat released in 2012.
A mid-late season variety with good test weight released by the University of Wisconsin in 2014.
Ron is BYDV tolerate s and has very good resistance to Crown Rust, comparable to Forage Plus.
This variety is resistant to Crown Rust, moderate resistante to Smut and BYDV, and moderately susceptible to Stem Rust.
A new variety that is a mid-late maturing variety with good yield potential.
A mid-late season oat which has consistently high grain yields in Wisconsin.
Has excellent crown rust resistance and tolerance to barley yellow dwarf virus.
Horsepower has a high yield potential and oustanding, strong straw length. It has short plant height, early-medium maturity, and an average test weight.
VNS Oats
VNS Oats is a variety not stated Grain Oat.